“You can take the girl….

…out of the bar but not take the bar out of the girl”. An old saying about aging gentlemen marrying ex-bar girls from Asia. The ingrained habits of a lifetime do not disappear when you relocate the person.

So too with the refugees – Their ingrained dishonesty, laziness and views on women do not change.

Female genital mutilation is the norm, no education allowed for the subjugated women who are merely baby makers and sex toys for the lazy men who refuse to work toward making a quality society.

Even Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion took more than 5 minutes to change her character – and that was just in a play!

Although the Christian spirit wants to help and ‘Do the right thing’ – taking Amazonian rainforest tribes to New York will not work. Taking Geordies to Niger will not work either.

The refugees are better kept in familiar surroundings and helped to improve their own society rather than be forced like the proverbial square peg into the round hole of western society – the gap in cultures is simply too wide.