Yet we search for Bigfoot, when caveman is amongst us,

I’m not talking about the Native American Indians. Now we have that clarified, we’ll move along.

I just read an article on the BBC about yet another Indian rape case – There seems to be a lot in the news in the last year, so perhaps the Police are finally doing their job which would make a change for the good.

The phrase that struck me was:

The post mortem revealed that stones, blades and sticks were forced inside her during the attack, reports said.

Now, I can understand rape, obviously I don’t condone it, but I can see the motivation (for those simple folk who failed basic comprehension at school – I am AGAINST rape).

The part I just do not get is that India bills itself as a civilised, long standing country with a great history (according to the travel brochure) yet, some of it’s inhabitants (9 to be specific in this particular case) are evidently pre-cave dwellers, troglodytes experimenting with sticks and stones!

How did this nation manage to keep breeding troglodytes millions of years past their extinction on the rest of the planet?

Yet we search for Yeti, Nessie and Bigfoot, when caveman is amongst us, awaiting a reality TV show and a makeover.