Worried about you sheeple

So you are happy to vote for a blatant two faced lying criminal who is on the take, jeopardises national security worse than Snowden yes thinks it was just a whoopsie?

There was Sanders — a MUCH better choice. There is Jill Stein — another, better choice but you Americans can only see Trump and $hillary.

Yes, it’s a poor choice if there are only the two but there were more, better candidates. Get behind the Greens perhaps.

The only reason you sheeple can see Trump and $hillary as the only 2 choices is because you allow the media to be controlled by dishonest politicians.

Jeb Bush rigged the ballot for George in Florida — Nothing happened and they are up to it again. Your papers question whether rigging can happen when it was proved years ago. How uneducated and lazy you voters choose to be. They lie, you roll over and vote the way Fox/CNN tells you.

You demand guns using the 2nd amendment excuse. Facts prove your reasoning wrong (Australia etc.) thousands die to ensure your armaments industry is profitable and you are too blind to see it. When your precious 2nd amendment excuse has offered ample opportunity to pitchfork $hillary with your muskets — you roll over and watch the Kardashians.

The REALLY sad part is that the World gets to suffer from your choice. If you were like North Korea — we’d laugh. But, with an idiot in charge of the Armageddon codes, we’re worried about you sheeple.