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US security chiefs stumped over source of global DDoS attack – Obama

US intelligence officials are still investigating the degree of connection between Russia and WikiLeaks but they remain confident that Russia is behind the leaks themselves

So – Despite having NO idea who or how Clinton was hacked (errrr – an insecure email server at home perhaps?) they are CERTAIN it was Russia – the traditional ‘Go-to’ for blame laying.

If they are “Still investigating”, it means they have no idea and are appealing for public help. To announce a result (“It was Russia”) then admit they have no proof smacks of a politician inventing ‘Facts’ to suit the argument

Here : Work it out yourself –

These SO clever people also have NO idea where the DDOS attacks come from (Like the Australian census of 2016 which was under a DDOS attack from 26 million recently fed Australians rushing to complete the census before bed time)

Here : Work it out yourself –