Will the Internet be used more in the future?

Yes and no. Increasingly it will be controlled by rich and powerfull people and corporations who will use it as a knowledge weapon to seize more power and money from economies.

The middle class will be drained via advertising and Netflix type arrangements to sap them of their earning (Add up your TV, Mobile, Phone and internet bills! – then add up your transport and housing costs – All Consumer items sold to you as life’s necessities that need constant upgrading). Quiet and docile consumption is the economic model.

The poor will be denied access to information that could improve their lives as they are deemed economically barren. Lack of knowledge and access to power will keep them slaving in coal, diamond and other mines (after all, someone has to do the dirty work).

So the Internet will be used more – for control, not edification and improvement of society. After all, what matters more – An ‘Internet of things’ or World hunger?