Architectural vandalism


The Muslim Caliphate hates any ‘History’ other than their own ignorant version.

That Palmyra has been destroyed and sold piecemeal is reason enough to be livid but to think that Europe’s treasures will be next is simply unbearable.

The Muslims respect nobody. Any human is but a future suicide bomber,  baby making machine or soldier. If they are Christian, they are tolerated but used for revenue raising through the Christian tax to operate or live in a Muslim country.

To think that they want to take over Europe and destroy thousands of years of architecture and civilisation and replace it with caveman ideology breaks every rational person’s heart and soul.

The Muslims need to be delivered back to their kinfolk and told to ‘Work it out’ – there is no place for them or their views in a civilised world that honours Plato, Picasso and Parliament.

Walter Gropius and Sir Christopher Wren must be setting off an earthquake as they tremble in fear at the upcoming vandalism of their treasures.