What’s this all about?

This blog started as an outlet for my thoughts. There is no altruistic reason for it, no desire to engage with like minded people at all.

  • I write what I think and believe.
  • It is not supposed to be earnest philosophical writing.
  • It is not supposed to be ‘Quality journalism’.
  • If it is thought provoking or useful to you – GREAT!
  • If you hate what I write – There is an OFF button somewhere on your device.
  • If you want to discuss what I have written – I simply do not have the time.
  • Can I help or advise you? – No, I simply do not have the time.
  • Why will I not engage? – I have a place to be, a circle of friends and my personal plan. Yours is different and for you to design personally.

My thoughts and opinions are thrown here as they occur. Enjoy or react as your mind dictates.

I encourage you to think – That’s all.


Me? I…