What do they do all day?

We’re back on the illegal immigrant trail.

About 10,000 arrive in the UK every year. A million plus arrive in Germany.

Most are not documented. Britain estimates it will take 140 years to document just it’s quantity.

So, how do they claim benefits?

Is there a black market in fake ID’s? have they other sources of income?

They can’t all be living under a bridge or on Auntie’s couch. Stealing only makes a few dollars and is hardly going to provide an adequate income. Plus, the locals get wise and lock up.

‘Someone’ must be funding them. Funny how there is no crackdown on Western Union and others.

Also, why do they not ‘Make a start’ on getting legal if they are genuine migrants? No interest in working – only 30% of Muslims in the UK work. A lot of that 30% will be ‘historic’ migrants, not the current influx.

So why are they there? even a fool would know the free money can’t last forever, though they are not getting that because they are undocumented. So somebody is funding them………………….

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