What can advertising agencies learn from tech startups?

I think there are several major drivers:
1. Disaffected younger workers want a job that accommodates their lifestyle, so employers must think differently to engage employees.
2. The cost of providing an office, and of an employee buying a house near work are no longer viable so work from home is going to become the new norm
3. Demographics are against a continuation of the current economy. Ageing populations, decreasing Govt. budgets and number 1 above, coupled with a rising East means massive shifts in economies. Lean and mobile will be the future.
4. I believe work will become project oriented with global teams drawn together for the task then disbanded.
5. Production based companies will fold as there will not be the required labour available and the cost will be prohibitive (Chinese imports).
6. With the inability to make anything (Having off shored it already), a declining economy of oldies not spending and youth disinterested I see a future like Atari.
7. 750,000 Spaniards have left permanently in the last 3 years – Gone to Brazil. Better future by far, cheap cost of living and a place to exercise their skills. Symptomatic of the future we built for them and indicative of their view of the ‘Homeland’.

Advertising will struggle to find buyers in the West and so will have to adapt to this new paradigm. I am involved in a project with McCann in India, a partner in UK and myself in Australia. An example of bringing the West to the East.

This is the mobile adaptation facing almost every business. Skype, Email and Cloud collaboration to penetrate new markets is the tech and advertising model going forward. Madison Ave can’t sell to retirees in Florida and businesses will realise they can outsource the job to an agency in another country (IT already provides massive benefits to the Philippines and Ukraine – No smart company would use local workers)

New thinking, new models of businesses and a work lifestyle balance like nothing we have ever known.

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