Saw this today and thought – “Someone does not get it”

Savage af

Whilst a ‘Minimum wage’ is certainly not designed to cover a luxury lifestyle, it does need to cover an adequate lifestyle.

With the average IQ at 100, that tells you there are 50% ABOVE that and 50% BELOW. If you allow only the clever people to participate in society, who does the factory and menial work?

We, as a society, need to include everyone in a meaningful way (Work-life balance) if we are to prevent a revolution.

Paying the ‘below average’ people a wage that covers an adequate lifestyle allows them to participate and provide benefits to all. After all, they buy food, clothes and do the work the ‘clever’ people do not want to do. It’s a win-win.

We also need to reward hard and clever workers for being who they are and recognising their ‘extra’ contribution to society.

The only opponents to a ‘Minimum wage’ are those who seek to steal another person’s life through greed. The majority of Walmart’s employees are on welfare. A subsidy from society to Walmart. Why?