All of Valentines day rolled into one

Politicians seem to be completely clueless these days. A product of the ‘Greed is good’ environment, they are completely lost and out of touch with what the voter wants. The old “I know best what’s good for you” attitude.

UK – 2 sides – Leave or stay. Both obviously sat there advocating their team yet obviously neither had a clue what to do if they won. Obviously assumed they would fail, so let’s go to the pub instead of making a plan for what we’re advocating.

Australia – Mr Ego, Malcolm Turnbull, already had the top job but thought he could do better and take ownership of the whole enchilada. He assumed his merchant bankster credentials would guarantee a larger majority (errr, only banksters like banksters, the rest of us hate you all with more passion than all of Valentines day rolled into one). His opposition, Shorten on policy too, assumed we’d like a lying mud slinger (Note : In these days of the internet, we can check facts in seconds). He too had no policy to offer, just waffle – same as the opposition.

USA – Shillary’s mates let slip in the media that she’s off the hook for allowing state secrets to be stolen by a simple hack. To seal her deal, she dropped a slime ball on Trump and accused him of child sex. No honesty there. Break the law, drop a few campaign donations on the judging panel and life returns to normal.

Compare this to the Philippines – Media are permanently banned from reporting on the President as they are liars in the pocket of the opposition – catch up on Facebook or dial 888888 for a chat with the President. In under 2 weeks, he has sold the Presidential yacht to pay for Doctors and hospitals, requisitioned Army helicopters as air ambulances, recovered the earnings from the national casino (30+ billion a year) for the good of the people, doubled Police wages and started an anti drug crusade. IN 2 WEEKS!!!!!

No wonder people are voting for those who speak their mind honestly (Explains Trump’s popularity despite him behaving like a prize fool)

Talk of having a second referendum in the UK is, of course, directly opposite to the principles of democracy. Blair is trying to restore his hated run at the top by repeating the vote until he gets the result he wants. George Bush just got Jeb to rig the voting machines.

Hot on Blair’s heels is call for a second election in Australia – The classic “I will keep asking until you change your mind” usually employed by very young children.

We live in interesting times – an ancient Chinese curse. A curse reborn from the people and cast upon the politicians.

No, I do not vote – it only encourages white collar criminals to seek re-election.