USA ‘didn’t really study’

USA ‘didn’t really study’ impact of toxic chemicals when allowing offshore fracking – activist

The Florida Environmental Regulation Commission (ERC) is set to vote on new environmental standards that would allow heightened levels of toxins and carcinogens into state drinking water sources. The rule is being pushed by major industries.

The ERC, a governor-appointed body, will decide Tuesday whether to update Florida water quality standards for the first time in 24 years. The proposal, approved by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), would increase the number of regulated chemicals legally allowed in state drinking water sources from 54 to 92, while increasing limits for more than two dozen known ‒ and currently regulated ‒ carcinogens, according to The Miami Herald.

The rule proposal was compiled by DEP using a nationally-untested model for determining cancer risk, according to the Herald. The unique “probabilistic analysis” was crafted for specifically Floridians, who are likely to consume more seafood that can contain dangerous toxin levels.

Sounds like new ‘Science’ invented to prove what politicians want proved to get their backhanders from the fracking lobby and’Major Industries’.

Never think the Government is on your side.