Us – the water shortage

Given that we are 90% water and there is 5 billion more people on planet Earth than in 1960 when peace ruled and we all had flowers in our hair. We weigh (on average) 100kg, that’s 450 billion litres of water locked up in people.

Look what else we could have instead :

16,600 litres for 1kg of leather
15,500 litres per kg of beef
5,000 litres for 1kg of cheese
3,900 litres for 1 kg of chicken meat
3,400 litres for 1kg of rice
2,700 litres for 1 cotton shirt
2,400 litres for1 hamburger
1500 litres for 1kg of cane sugar
1300 litres for 1kg of wheat
1000 litres 1 litre of milk
900 litres for 1kg of potato flakes
200 litres water for 1 egg
40 litres 1 slice of wheat bread
140 litres for 1 cup of coffee
30 litres for I cup of tea
120 litres for 1 glass of wine
80 litres per US$ of industrial product
70 litres for 1 apple
75 litres for 1 glass of beer
50 litres for 1 orange
10 litres for 1 A4 sheet of paper

The UK has now become the sixth largest importer of water in the world and only 38% of its water comes from its own resources. It is now dependent on the water systems of other countries to supply the rest, some of which are already facing serious water shortages. The amount of water used per day in the UK has been steadily increasing by 1% per year since 1930 and the average person now uses 150 litres a day. This growth in consumption is not sustainable and the UK now has less available water per person than many countries in Europe.