Does the US public school system support entrepreneurial minds?

Sadly no, no educational system is geared to producing entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are a tiny minority of the population who, by their very nature, are mavericks who think differently to the norm.

Schools are funded by Governments to produce future workers for industry and commerce. These ‘industries’ want compliant rule followers who are not very ambitious and will stay with the ‘company’ a long time and not jump from job to job (This requires extra investment in training and retraining that they don’t like).

A classic example was when Taiwan invested 21bn in making the World’s biggest and best semiconductor plant to ensure prosperity for the nation. After it was up and running – a call went out to the education ministry and lo and behold – 5 years later, there was a huge number of newly minted engineers ready to launch phase 2 of the growth – As well as manufacturing chips, TSMC now offered design work under contract for the chip buyers.

No point in producing Coopers and Wheelwrights when you need form fillers and service industry workers.

Entrepreneurs need to go above and beyond traditional education systems and educate themselves, hang around with mentors and other entrepreneurs then launch solo.

Does the US public school system support entrepreneurial minds? – Quora