Trump talk

A lot of emphasis on Trump’s ‘Locker room’ talk this week.

Personally, I’ve witnessed women doing the same thing,but we’re not debating the rights or wrongs.

Two stories came out about the same time :

  1. Hilary Clinton lied to the FBI and they covered up her lies to avoid prosecuting her for security breaches caused by her illegal home server use. America wants to prosecute Snowdon for treason for leaking secure documents yet when a Clinton does it – that’s OK?
  2. Trump’s own party tried to sabotage him with historical taped (and private) recordings. Granted, the language is not currently politically correct. Of course, Muslims can say worse and that is OK.

So which story is most prominent?

Yeah, see who controls the media? A presidential wannabe commits treason, lies to the FBI and coerces them to drop all charges by dismissing them as ‘An error’ by someone who definitely knew it was not ‘An error’ when committing the crime. Someone who bayed for the blood of Snowdon for the very similar crime.

The old magic trick of attention diversion.