Trade a Porsche on a garbage truck

Only 1 per cent of dwellings within the Melbourne municipality are considered affordable to people on welfare payments.

Tents pitched on a balcony and in the corner of a living room are being advertised to renters from $390 (NZ$410) a month in one of the more outrageous signs of Melbourne’s desperate rental market.

Yet another crazy room for rent in London – this one’s a cupboard under the stairs for £500 a month.

This can’t last – People do NOT want to live like this and the hipsters won’t find it amusing for long. A tale to tell on social media to kickstart a career perhaps, but no long term solution.

Seems like Melbourne city dwellers better brush up on their cleaning and maintenance skills. Perhaps the Toorak set can trade a Porsche on a garbage truck and do an Uber or ride share to dispose of the suburb’s trash?

Oh, hang on, that won’t work – The rich only co-operate if it makes them richer and this is communism, not capitalism.