A five-year extension to drug patents could cost taxpayers an extra $1 billion, says New Zealand’s Labour party.

The deal would likely see patent protection for some drugs extended beyond the current period – effectively about five years from introduction to the market

The Misdirection :

Groser said the Government had been “repeatedly clear” it would not negotiate on the “fundamentals of Pharmac”.

“This includes the Pharmac model which has been so successful over the years. This position will not change.”

Analysis before the deal was signed was “purely speculative” Groser said.

“The Government is taking a careful approach to pharmaceutical patent issues in TPP to ensure any agreed outcome does not impact medicines access or costs to New Zealanders.”

The ‘Pharmac model’ is – ‘Pit suppliers against each other and buy the cheapest’. If all competing suppliers are removed from the tender and only an inflated price submitted, the ‘Process’ remains the same but the game is now rigged.

“Analysis before the deal was signed was purely speculative”. Did nobody ever tell Tim Groser that homework comes first?

ensure any agreed outcome does not impact medicines access or costs”. Oh, that’s all OK then. Seriously? How does a fixed budget and rising prices work Tim?


The Blatant Lies :

John Key says “Any extra cost to the medicines bill as a result of the free trade deal would be absorbed by the Government”.

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman said that changes to patents under the deal would be small and the Government would fund them.

For a former whiz kid money man, he’s either lost the plot or he’s blatantly lying. For the uneducated : The Government taxes people then spends the money. If you spend more in one budgetary area, you have less to spend in another. Kindergarten economics. You can’t “Just fund it” from thin air. Were this the case – Why not fund some jobs?

The Reality :


The facts are that ALL TPP ‘Partners’ are about to be screwed over by the USA. The right to screw more money from lucrative medicine patents is but one area. The nonsense ‘Piracy’ issue is another arena requiring all ‘Partners’ to kneel before the Chief and pay tithes regularly.

The willingness of politicians to sell out their people for a small bribe is just astounding and reeks of ‘Sod you, me first’, leading the country over the cliff.

Here’s hoping they are first against the wall when the revolution comes (To quote an old saying from my youth).

Is it any wonder the youth are dis-engaging as fast as possible and opting out like the hippies 50 years ago.