The latest land and money grab is all but in place, ready for the rich to get richer.

Australia and New Zealand caved in with no actual ‘In the streets’ protests – just columnist mutterings.

Good on the people of Brussels – 180,000 people and at least 600 got out of bed to protest. Unlike the sunnier climes of the antipodes where they stayed firmly home.

‘They’ keep telling us it is a free trade agreement “Nothing to see here – move along” yet fail to mention that it grants (mainly) the USA the right to sue countries over ‘Lost profits’ caused by Government policies. It just does not get sillier than this. I elect a politician to promote my wishes and advance the country in a positive way, NOT to preserve profits for faceless overseas corporations. Seems a few thousand dollars buys a vote these days.

Tame reporters toeing the corporate media line overlook the disastrous potential and are too stupid to realise who will pay the price. Tim Grosser of NZ admitted that medicine prices would rise and then said the Government would pay the bill. An elected member of Parliament too stupid to understand who actually pays his salary.

Sadly, I think the staunch citizens are fighting a lost battle but I applaud their efforts.

It ended with :

To stop the crowd from disturbing the work of the politicians, the security forces carried out 105 arrests.

So now the Police are ‘In the pockets’ of the politicians instead of upholding justice and the rights of the people.