Top Gear – The child needs to leave the men’s playground.

As everybody else wades in, I guess I’d better ad my tuppence worth too.

Top Gear was great – every man’s secret wish was to be paid to do what they did on Top Gear – AND get paid for it! Rock star lifestyle and fun all day long! (well, until the cameras stopped rolling).

Like many households, the world stopped for motoring’s finest hour each week.

Then one day it didn’t. James and Richard joined but the wheels fell off. No longer was there an objective balance to the programme and a balanced dynamic between presenters.

It became Benny Hill on wheels. Three larrikins behaving badly and ALWAYS the same winner – a winner with a spoilt brat attitude, always deriding and belittling his co-hosts. Frankly embarrassing and cringe worthy.

Recent bad behaviour by Jeremy has seen an ever red faced BBC struggle to contain the overgrown child. Yes, he’s become outdated, the format needs to change – to revert to a ‘Fun motoring’ format instead of a Clarkson vanity podium.

The constant put downs are neither funny nor politically correct, the one sided ‘races’ are a yawn.

The Clarkson ego fails to realise that Top Gear is not his personal soapbox, he is not invincible and the format needs to change. Childish tantrums do not befit a true star. When did Sean Connery behave like that? NEVER! because he has maturity and an appreciation of his exalted and privileged position.

The child needs to leave the men’s playground.