Tiny Houses and Karma

We’ve all seen them and the picture perfect existence they extol.

With a looming financial crisis, lack of retirement savings by both Government and individuals as well as a general apathy by the youngsters to buy cars and houses (preferring experiences, travel and a more modest lifestyle due to things like job uncertainty etc.) it got me thinking.

Perhaps, as per the 60’s, we’ll see a generation of ‘Dropouts’ refusing to be enslaved by the banks and Government.

What then for the banks? dependent on slaves paying a percentage of their wages to banksters, their income will shrivel to nothing.

The difference with the 60’s is that this revolution is borne out of poverty, necessity and an informed public increasingly unwilling to be taken for a ride. With world transport, the internet and computers allowing for a mobile lifestyle, they will also take their new lifestyle to low tax regimes.

Who is left? the banksters – Hey! perhaps they will have to bail themselves out this time!!

There’s Karma for you. Hee Hee