The Taxman, Death and Prison are very personal

Pondering on the iniquity of wages and salaries for some professions this morning.

Tradesmen study their trade for 4 years. They can earn above average wages when self-employed. They rightly guarantee their work and those guarantees are enshrined in law.

Doctors, lawyers, accountants study their trade for 3-5 years and their wages are higher than a tradesman’s BUT they carry NO responsibility for their workmanship. No consumer guarantees enshrined in law. A “Sorry” is the best you will get as you wear the consequences of their incompetence.

Why? I reckon the guilds of yore (That’s ‘Old days’ for you young ‘uns) were pretty smart, capitalising on the fear of the unknown to raise incomes and remove consequences for their members who did battle for their customers.

We fear the Taxman, Death and Prison, so the paid mercenaries who battle our fears demanded a free pass in the event of failure.

That doesn’t explain soldiering you say. Of course not, but soldiering is different – soldiers are paid by the faceless Government and kill ‘foreign’ people we’ve never met to safeguard the assets of anonymous corporations who paid for the service via political donations. All ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ whereas the Taxman, Death and Prison are very personal.