The Sharing Economy

News today that the home of cooking is up in arms over the Uber of dining – Vizeat.

On one side is the warm fuzzies of a shared dining experience, saving money and meeting new people as these dinners are held in private homes – more like a dinner party with strangers.

On the other hand are the obvious food safety, fire regulations, cash economy issues. Restaurants have trained chefs and food safety measures in place.

Welcome to the disruptive economy.

The part that everyone is missing is why?

Innovation is the usually cited reason for the disruptive economy growing at an alarming rate. I say it’s the consequence of the top 1% stealing the earning capacity of Mr. Average.

You demand lower wages and higher profits, the consequence is ‘We’ will find a way. The disruptive economy is ‘Our’ way of sticking it to you. We will dine out, make new friends and take our chances. We will save 50-75%, NOT pay your council fees or taxes.

In an act of revolution from the tyranny of the 1%, we have found ways to maintain our dignity and our quality of life, ways you hate because you cannot control or extort them.

We may be poor of money but we are rich in ingenuity and experiences. Our quality of life rises with disruptive dining. Pity the poor restaurateurs locked into egregious leases and council taxes.