The (potential) Islamic future

The ‘refugees’ are :

– Complaining about the food in Finland
– Complaining about the cross on the Swiss flag
– Complaining that their free  money is taking to long to arrive in Germany
– Demanding Sharia courts in the UK
– Can’t stand any other Muslim country like Saudi Arabia
– Refuse to go to Eastern Europe because their welfare is not generous enough
– Refuse to contribute to  France’s economy by looking for work
– Selling their kids into prostitution, slavery and to pedophiles.

So, just what will the future in Europe look like if they have their way?

Europe will be bred out of existence. The citizens should look at what happens in current Muslims countries where once the composition of the races were more balanced and are now being overtaken by the Muslims e.g. Malaysia.

The people’s rights are slowly but surely being trampled over and when Muslims become the significant majority, the voices of the other races will be drowned out. Sharia laws will be implemented.

Look at Brunei now. Sharia law was implemented a couple of years ago and now, Christians can’t even celebrate Christmas openly. Yet the Muslims demand we tolerate their raping, dishonesty, idleness and illegal activities.

I fully expect most of this to fall on deaf ears.
This film clip is 19 minutes long. Please watch it to the end which at its conclusion is a 5 minute speech by a young German girl. Sometime when I send articles like this I get responses like “Don’t send me any more of stuff like this because I am not racist or similar wording”. I think it is about time you woke up to yourselves.
When I think about all the people who fought in the 2nd world war against the Nazis and the ‘yellow peril” and now they have to watch the rape of the Western world by people who just flood across their borders all because the Western countries signed an agreement relating to refugees.
Interesting, Japan never signed it, weren’t they smart? Saudi Arabia does not seem to want to take any refugees but then I doubt they have social security for such people. They already import much of their workforce from Pakistan, Bangladesh & the Philippines. The last thing they want are whinging refugees with their hand out asking for “Alms for Allah”. They only want a workforce that they can deport to their homelands at a drop of a hat.
We, the Western world, accept and tolerate Catholicism, Church of England, Protestants, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Baptists, Pentecostal, Atheists, Kurds and a cast of thousands of weird and wonderful religious denominations. The Islamic world (there are exceptions) only recognize ISLAM. We are racist but they are not, become Islamic or die.
Ask yourself, when they rule the world, will there be anyone left actually producing anything other than hatred for non Islamic people?.
The Islamic world is certainly not noted for it’s production and engineering skills, food, in fact, just the reverse. Not noted for their work ethic, not interested in contributing, not interested in anyone but themselves. Ungrateful bludgers, too cowardly to fight their own wars or right their country.
Funny how they love the UK yet despise the place when they get there. (“Psst, Nobody asked you to come”). If the UK is so bad and evil, why do you want to go there? AH yes, they are civilized, not at war are more advanced and give you cellphones and money – so let’s go there and destroy the place  (Like chainsawing off the tree limb you are sitting on. Shows how smart they are).
When they take over through massive population increases there will be no more wine, very little food, no cinema worth watching, zero fashion (everyone wears black or white sheets), restaurants with only male clientèle, crap TV, no sporting fixtures other than male soccer and Saturday morning stonings.
With child birth rates going through the roof, no social security, just a lot of males with AK47’s, night shirts and beards and women who are terrified. The Islamic world is not noted for producing anything in particular since about 1600AD other than constructions orchestrated by European companies funded by oil revenues.
I am sure I could go on at length. Seriously, by 2050 Islam will have taken over. If you have young kids then maybe you should be encouraging them to use an AK47, be self sufficient and learn how to survive somewhere else.
No politician will stand up to the ignorant hordes and send them home. Trump should build a wall around the Muslims, using Muslim labour and leave them to it. Leave the hard working Mexicans alone – America needs them to do all the manual labour. Imagine the average American trying to perform manual labour?
All part of the plan to undermine Europe so it never challenges US hegemony and World domination.
This video runs for 19 min 30 sec. It’s a must-view.