The Hitman

Today’s world is run by a secret global Empire who employ ‘Economic hitmen’. Predatory capitalism, the system we have now, has created an unjust, unsustainable, unequal and unstable world for human beings.

As John Perkins notes, under world development directed by predatory capitalism the ‘economic hitman’ is tasked:

1. To identify a country’s resources that both the US and the US corporations covet;

2. To arrange a large loan, usually by the World Bank or one of their crony banks to the country for infrastructure creation and project development;

3. To hire only US corporations to create the infrastructure thereby transferring the country’s newly procured debt directly to the corporations as money.

For the corporations and the few wealthy elite who live in the country this is great. For the majority of the population who are left with the huge debt, they also can count on austerity measures imposed with cuts in essential health and welfare programs while their country is being resource stripped.

What if the country in question finds they can’t pay the debt? Well, then the country is told they must sell their resources, like oil, cheaply to the US oil companies. Maybe also host a military base or privatize their water or communication systems?

If the leader of the country says no, then the US calls in the ‘jackals’, usually assassins, and, if this fails, as it did in Iraq, then the US sends in the military.

Better yet  – Read the book – Confessions of an Economic Hitman- John Perkins