The Aid Scam

In a report, ProPublica revealed that the American Red Cross basically raised half a billion dollars to aid Haiti after it was devastated by a monster 7.0 earthquake in 2010. It had only built six houses out of the promised 700 by 2013.

After super Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines last November, foreign governments and aid groups pledged some $600 million in cash and assistance for the relief and recovery effort. Now, the Philippine government says it can only account for some $14.3 million of the donations.

An uncle once showed my aunt the tractors that Britain had bought to send to Indian farmers, ostensibly to help them. As they were unloaded at the port in India, they rolled into a dockside warehouse. Aunty went inside to find the tractors being dismantled and the parts stored on racks to send to other countries as spare parts.

Disaster capitalism – Corporations masquerading as aid agencies, raising money on the pretext of helping then creaming off the majority for itself or it’s cronies. Politicians creaming off a percentage. In the Philippines, around 10% of the IMF assistance money makes it to destination. The rest loses 10% at every turnstile.

A scam  at every opportunity.

Two old doctors meet after many years. One is a famous surgeon, the other has been dispensing dodgy prescriptions for years. “My, whatever happened to your ethics?”

“Thold it and bought a Thevrolet”

(Essex was a brand of car many moons ago)

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