Thank your saviour and reward their benevolence or stay home.

The influx of refugees from Syria and other countries presents an interesting future dilemma for their rescuers.

Will these refugees be grateful and loyal to their hosts who saved them and assimilate into their host society and become decent citizens or will they turn and become like their ‘Terrorist’ Muslim brothers, fomenting separatism and dissent whilst demanding no pork and sharia law next week?

Sadly, the experience thus far is that they will bite the hand that fed and rescued them whilst demanding their stone age ideals be permitted in law.

FGM and subservient women have no place in a civilised society. If you want that – stay where you are!! Germany and the UK NEVER said “We want refugees”.

Either assimilate, thank your saviour and reward their benevolence or stay home.

I really pity Germany and the UK – their munificence and moral values will be sorely tested by the influx and neither citizens nor refugees will be grateful after the brief honeymoon is over and the Muslim takeover demands start.

I’d say “Send them home”* but no politician has the fortitude.


*(For those jumping to conclusions – “Send the complainers home” NOT the assimilators)