I’m not. Basic commonsense, simple 14 year old economics level stuff. My concern is where this is heading. Either the sheeple just roll over and die or there will be another French Revolution.

We need a Constitution, as fervently held by the populace as sacrosanct as gun laws in the USA. We need the corporation’s rights revoked and responsibilities added (Watch The Corporation to understand the mess we are in and how it came to be).

No longer can this rape and pillage continue – the power companies are committing genocide, knowing they will never face Court for their crimes.

Energy firms are facing pressure to slash their prices after it emerged 4.7 million pensioners will be forced to crank down their heating during the upcoming cold spell because they cannot afford costly energy bills.

Almost 50 percent of over-65s forced to ration their energy use as temperatures plummet in coming days will risk their health, a damning study has found.

“The research, conducted by, involved a survey of 2,000 pensioners across the UK. It found that wholesale energy prices have fallen by almost 50 percent over the past two years, yet the average annual household bill has only dropped by 14 percent.”