Sprechen sie deutsch

Refugees who refuse to attend special integration training courses in Austria as a part of a new program may see their social benefits cut, Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz said.

“Those who are not willing to learn German, who do not want to be part of the labor market, who are not ready to attend an integration course, will face social benefits cuts,” Kurz said at the economic forum in Davos, adding that “it is an absolutely necessary next step.”

“The migrant inflow should be reduced but those, who do have the right to get asylum, should be integrated into society,” the minister added.

Other measures envisaged by the new integration program include German classes and finding jobs for the approved asylum seekers, which could be a significant challenge due to the low qualification of most refugees. Only about 50 percent of the refugees already accepted by Austria will be able to find work in the next five years, Kurz said citing the data presented by the country’s labor market service (AMS).

That’s not going to help an economy grow is it?

Britains answer is 5 years to a 35,000 pond salary of go home – for the Aussies. It’ll be interesting to see how they apply it to refugees (Bet they don’t)