Special Snowflakes

As Americans comes to terms with the election results, students seem to need extra time and care to cope with Donald Trump’s victory. Colleges across the US have cancelled classes and exams, offered disaster counselling and dog and colouring book therapies.


Dog and colouring book therapies for 18+ year olds?

Just how fragile are Americans?

A simple 2 party election (Americans can’t cope with any more choice)

One person wins, one loses – Pretty basic concept. Hillary gets the First place loser award with gold pin for effort (or is that F-it) and a backhander from her ‘Friends’ for participating.

In a country that stands for ‘Winner takes all’ capitalism – the very embodiment of it in fact, how can the kiddies not understand that is the way the game works.

We discussed the comparison with South Korea – why do Americans think that a corrupt, dishonest, lying, cheating, back stabbing woman should get the job? Is corruption and dishonesty the virtues these snowflakes want at the head of the World’s most powerful country?

Or are they too stupid to notice? too stupid to understand that 90% of the World’s gun makers ‘donated’ to her campaign for a reason? A reason other than ‘She’s a woman’.

Americans are sheeple – led by the nose to the slaughterhouse by CNN, Fox etc. Too simple to understand colour. Everything is black or white to an American. They understand simple, basic, pratfall comedy and cannot conceive of the nuanced comedy that enthrals the British – too complex. Heck, they can’t even drive a manual car!

They follow God and can’t conceive of the alternatives like Buddhism. They fly flags of one nation and chant on demand for the candidate chosen by the corrupt media. They salute soldiers for killing people who are different. No understanding of the issues or the humanity but repeat the Orwellian chant “Everybody bad, American good”.

Stupid, simple, brainwashed morons who lack the powers of reason, commonsense and logic. Mere cannon fodder for the disparaging elites who snigger behind their backs at their gullibility.

and the next generation are proving to be even dumber.