Sounds odd to me

France is on ‘High terror alert’ since January this year yet someone just walked onto a French train with an Kalashnikov – Not something easily hidden in your pocket.

That’s question ONE – Here’s Question TWO :

“Two Americam soldiers” just happened to be in the same carriage and become the heroes du jour.

Sounds like a hidden agenda to me.

France is a hotbed of Islam with over 751 areas marked as ‘No-go’ to the French (Even the Police) because they are controlled by the peaceful ‘Islamic religion’.

Europe’s major rail stations, such as Paris’ Gare du Nord and Brussels’ Gare du Midi, are patrolled by soldiers armed with rifles, but passengers can board most high-speed trains without passing through metal detectors or having their bags searched.

So, trained soldiers didn’t see a Kalashnikov? Certainly brings a vote of no confidence in French security from me.

Seems to me the French are about to ask a favour from Uncle Sam.