Smart people wear condoms, dumb people don’t

I don’t know whether to laugh at them or cry for them.


The idiots who think it necessary to ‘Protect’ people from themselves – The nanny state has evolved to the nappy state.

Apparently it is worth millions of taxpayer money saving young Islamic and Christian fools from running off to join the circus that is ISIS/ISIL/Al Quaeda whatever it is called this week.

All part of the ‘Endless war on terror’ the politicians sold us into in exchange for personal benefit.

If these kids want to run away and risk death – Let them! People die every day, a lot in wars. If someone has made a decision to risk death – that is their choice. Why are we spending money nannying idiots from the shallow end of the gene pool?

I want the money spent on healthcare, education and pensions for the genuinely sick (NOT the lazy rorters so frequently seen at the dole offices – Able bodied but deliberately dressed badly and acting up to avoid responsibilities and work).

Send the rorters and idiots to be cannon fodder, let them go so only the best are left! Hell! Pay for their ticket (Economy class only – We’ll recover the money quickly from their welfare benefits) Their choice.

Since time began, people have taken risks – and a lot have died as a result. That is called ‘The survival of the fittest’ and removes idiots and inferior people from the ranks of breeders. We want only the smartest people breeding – NOT the dumb ones. Unfortunately, smart people wear condoms, dumb people don’t.