Smart lad.

You have to laugh at the desperate politicians. New Zealand’s Labour party dreamed up the idea of linking social benefits to forced enrollment on the electoral roll and compulsory voting will be next.

Apparently they are too slow to realise that the youngsters have woken up to their chicanery and refuse to participate in it.

“Don’t vote – It only encourages them”

Never a truer word. No matter how you spin the rhetoric, voters have finally realised that, no matter who is in charge, the heads of Government departments do not change and have their own agenda. Even more so, is the ever increasing pressure for departments to return a profit – at the voter’s expense of course. Constant pressure to be lean and make profit leads only in one direction, reduced services, sackings and cutbacks.

The desperation will only increase as the smartest leave for low tax jurisdictions that offer opportunity without the monkey on their backs.

Politicians of course, are only interested in attending the minimum number of years until they can cement a permanent place at the premium welfare teat. Free flights for life, overseas trips and pensions unlike yours and mine.

Nobody has realised that there is a reason for this apathy by voters. Government policies are created to suit politicians and large corporates, not ‘Everyman’. The Trans Pacific Partnership is a classic sellout to USA interests, where American corporates are allowed to dictate policy to little old New Zealand.

Kim Dotcom was arrested without proper process or legal foundation, on USA orders. Law after law has been broken along the way with total impunity. Kim will emerge in years to come, penniless and ground into the dirt. The ‘System’ will take as long as it possibly can just to teach him a lesson. Kim will up and leave like Snowden and others for a country that welcomes his talents, a country where innovation is admired and the law respected. New Zealand will be the eternal loser as it licks the rear end of USA.

I met a late 20 year old from the UK today. He ‘Gets it’ and is already establishing himself a reputation on the new international passport of a laptop. No loyalty to any country (Having seen the mess made by the incumbents), he will travel and work wherever and whenever he chooses. He has already planned to work one day a week whilst living in Indonesia. One day is enough to have a good lifestyle in a great climate, free from overtaxing, free from the rape and pillage of the taxman.

Smart lad.