Scotland has a new comedienne

Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola is seriously suggesting that Scotland can go it alone and stay in the European Union.

She thinks they can still use the pound – So truckloads of cash will swill like a tide across the border, taking advantage of exchange rates, interest rates and the arbitrage differences – unfettered by the technicality of paperwork. Smugglers rejoice!

Unlike Trump, she proposes no wall or border with England. So how does that work? Drive to Scotland and park, buy your duty free and return home for tea? Cigarettes made in England, exported to Scotland then reimported to avoid taxes. What about Scotch entering England? The Volvo truck heading round the Customs and Excise roundabout and down the M1?

With no border control or Trump like wall, Exporters and Importers just load a truck and send it across the border and “Bingo!” it’s in the EU tariff free for ‘export’ the next day. Sounds like life used to be centuries ago before the bureaucrats involved themselves in everyday trade.

The woman’s an ignorant idiot.