Round them up – send them back

Asylum seekers, angry at the slow progress of their paperwork, attacked and burnt down offices at a camp in Lesbos, Greece.

Jean-Pierre Schembri said the attackers threw petrol bombs at the EASO facilities while staff members were conducting interviews with fellow asylum-seekers inside.

The asylum seekers, mostly from Pakistan and Bangladesh, were frustrated at the delays in their asylum applications which has left them languishing in Greece for months on end. The migrant camps are squalid and overcrowded, while crime and sexual abuse are rampant.

Now, last I looked, neither Pakistan nor Bangladesh were at war. So why do these people think that Europe should take them without going through the proper channels? The door is open – If you have money or talent, they want you. But no, these lot think Europe needs more ‘Honour killing’ talent less foreigners  who only came for the free money.

Instead of turning them away, Germany, Greece and Italy work hard  to try and help  these demanding money suckers establish a new life in a decent country.

The thanks they get?  – Having their offices set alight whilst they are in it!!

Gee, that’s going to encourage people to take you in isn’t it?

Round them up – send them back