The way of the pedophile

Always good for stirring up the emotions, children make great fodder for the newspapers. Out come the tissues and cries of ‘Do something’.

But hang on, where are the parents? Why did irresponsible parents drag their kids on a refugee trek to ‘somewhere’.

Did they come as a family, or were the kids just useful bargaining chips?

Minors as young as 11yo already married when seeking asylum in Norway – Govt data

So a poor 11 year old is used as an anchor to get the rest of the family in. Parents sell the kid to a pedophile then leverage the definition of ‘family’ to get themselves in.

Of course, by letting them in, Norway has an issue – how to protect the child from the pedophile (Hint – Follow the child home and test drive a gun). Islam of course, says pedophilia is ok if the victim is ‘married’ to the pedophile. Yet another display of their caveman ideology.

In France, the kids are abandoned by parents who head off into town to molest women and rob the locals. They too turn to crime as their parents abandon them to their own devices. The Islamic idea of family, responsibility and education is disgusting and ignorant.

Then there are the tens of thousands of kids now missing, presumed trafficked into prostitution or sweatshop factories – Sold by parents for a few dollars.

What religion or culture allows kids to be treated this way? Who thinks this ok and business as usual?

Send the refugees home – there is no possibility of integrating and educating them. Islam has no concept of civilisation or tolerance. It’s Mohammed the pedophile’s way or die.