‘Recapturing’ digital space

In order to defeat Islamic State propaganda online, it needs to be pushed to the sidelines of the dark web, Jared Cohen, director of Google Ideas, has said.

“Terrorist groups like ISIS, they operate in the dark web whether we want them to or not,” Cohen said, stressing that the group’s online activity has not been limited so far.

“What is new is that they’re operating without being pushed back in the same internet we all enjoyed. So success looks like ISIS being contained to the dark web”, the director said.”

ISIS today, any anti Government sentiment next week:

  • Wikileaks – Gone
  • Poisoning of water supply in Flint, Michigan – Hidden
  • Abortion advice  – Gone in the Bible Belt
  • Human Rights Watch – Hidden
  • Monsanto’s dishonesty – Hidden
  • World separated into religious affiliation areas – No alternatives allowed
  • Monica Lewinsky, Watergate – Hidden
  • Faulty airbags – Hidden
  • Anything in the public interest – Gone
  • Corporate interests – To the fore as usual.

NOT that I support IS (Whatever it is this week), but either we have free speech or we don’t. This is PUBLIC information held in the care of Google / Bing. If they insist on censorship by corporation – Use Duckduckgo.com