Imagine a virus that adds 10 years to your life!

The recent invasion of Europe by the African and Muslim hordes. A hot button topic these days but that’s what makes it worthy of consideration.

Given that so many of the newcomers are not actually refugees and so many are from a single religious or ethnic group, and all arrived at the same time, you start wondering.

How did the Africans know the Muslims were planning an invasion? Yes, I know we have cellphones and internet, but think of the logistics of organising a ‘Two into one’ invasion by a million people. Think what it takes to get people moving.

Remember those working bees? everyone on Thursday says they will be there on Saturday at 8am but only 10% actually arrive – the rest have excuses of varying plausibility.

So we have 1 million who actually turned up at the borders of Europe on the figurative Saturday morning, that implies there are another 9 million lying in bed until either the ‘late bus’ arrives or the bloke with the big stick knocks on the front door to ask why they are not at the frontline.

The response from some has been to welcome the new arrivals whilst others see it as an almost non-violent invasion. After all, what is the difference between the Germans invading Poland and this?

The Muslims demand no pork, sharia law and refusing to shake hands in their new countries. That sounds like an invasion to me.

Refugees are grateful to their saviours and keen to build new lives. Think Chinese, Greek and Italians who arrived in new countries and set about building businesses and contributing to their new homelands. Think about the Filipinos, Thais, Mexicans – they arrive, integrate and work hard to provide for their extended families. They don’t issue demands, rape and pillage their new sanctuary. They appreciate the opportunity to excel and advance.

Guilt ridden Christians have misread the situation and been scammed into believing they are helping those less fortunate find salvation in a new land. The evidence shows this situation has more in common with an unarmed invasion of foreign soil and a desire to impose foreign will on the naive benefactors.

I can’t blame for those who want to protect their culture, heritage and values – after all, the invaders are not bringing any improvements but seeking to leech as almost every invader has done since the dawn or time. Heck, ever heard of a virus or infection that brings improvement in your well being? Imagine a virus that adds 10 years to your life!