Privacy gone wrong

In the wake of the latest London terror attack, the politicians are calling for an end to end encryption of WhatsApp :

‘No place to hide’: UK Home Secretary urges end to WhatsApp encryption after London attack

Problem is, that as part of the 5 eyes alliance :

Wikileaks Vault7 files: iPhone, Android and even WhatsApp messages ‘can be hacked by CIA’

The UK already have access to WhatsApp messages in real time. IF encryption was really hampering investigations, then explain how the UK Police stated :

“The phone in contact with Masood has been linked to a flat located above a curry house in Hagley Road, Birmingham, according to the Daily Mail. Hours after the attack, police arrested two suspects, a woman, 21, and a man, 23, on suspicion of involvement in the attack. In total, eleven people were arrested after the attack, but eight were later released without charge.”

Just does not add up does it? No need for a high IQ to understand that this is just another PR stunt to justify ever increasing surveillance.

Now, this ‘Anti terror’ excuse sounds all good and plausible, even reassuring, trouble is, it’s so far from the truth. The real problem comes from deliberate or accidental mis-use of the  information obtained.

A Government employee researched a company name on a website that claims to have a worldwide database of businesses and owners. Employee thinks they are a smart researcher uncovering hidden assets and puts the results forward as proof the visa applicant is of bad character and needs to be evicted from the country asap. Over 1 year later, I am still waiting on the verdict and unable to work without a visa. One year of life and income lost.

Problem:  The website is scraped from public records that are 9 years out of date. The website is owned by someone other than the listed fake owner. The fake owner owns 4 more websites such as : and one that Google refuses to list as it spreads malware, etc. (I recently found another similar site, equally outdated)

Had the lazy employee bothered to cross check with the Government’s own company and director database, guess what?  The company was de-listed shortly after that scape and has been re registered with a new owner for the last 6+ years.

Governments employ lazy idiots to use these systems, not high IQ people with commonsense and the brains to double check before launching the nuclear missile.There is no supervision or cross checking. Managers are too ignorant of their responsibilities and too lazy to perform meaningful work. They await pension day and the plastic gold watch from China before skulking off to the bowling club having dodged any actual work for the last 10 years.

So, the mis-use of data is the real concern, not terrorism. George Orwell’s 1984, albeit some 30 years late.

Want another example?

One Government employee tells another a fake story (Because they added one and one and got eleven. When leaving the room with egg all over the visage, they swore revenge). So, the vengeful Policeman tells a story to a pliable and ignorant employee. The employee feels like they are onto something really special that might get them a payrise and recognition from their boss and peers.

The ingrained laziness ensures they check nothing and head off around the office like the proverbial bull in a china shop. (Not actually true, but I can’t avoid the cliche) spreading the ‘secret’ information.

OOPS – Got it wrong, all actual evidence shows the story to be fake.

Now what? – 4 years have gone by as the employee has tried all sorts of stunts to cover their tracks. Like a doctor burying their mistakes, the employee hopes that various threats and pressures will cause the victim to run away, letting them escape culpability.

Problem? – I have it all in writing, ready to pull them down and award 10 year prison sentences to them both.

and THAT is why this surveillance and bulk meta data collection is a hazard to ordinary, decent living people. Bored, lazy Government workers with vivid imaginations, no commonsense and no brains running amok, causing disaster and harm with no oversight and no checks and balances.

Keep off the radar! 🙂