Please return to serfdom asap

First it was “We need to tighten our belts” austerity politics. ‘We’ have to reduce as the rich listers and politicians lead the way, trimming their red carpet lifestyle by example.

WHAT?!? You didn’t see them leading by example? Of course not. Supercar sales climbed as we caught the bus to make way for the newly registered toys on highways now cleared of the poor man’s cars.

The it was “Aren’t tiny houses wonderful?” – all eco friendly, chic and affordable. Great for the planet, wonderful lifestyle – In a wooden caravan. A mobile home for the year 2015 without the trailer park trash tag. Of course, all these newly minted caravans ‘Just’ happen to have access to free family land. No mention of where to find the campsite near your low paid ‘Service and hospitality’ job in the glossy brochures.

Now it’s “Cut back on takeaway coffee to save money for a house” (Read here). Apparently, over 30 years, you could save 20-50k (Ass-uming the usual over optimistic rates of interest and that the Government will deliver ANY superannuation or that broke banks won’t steal your savings by charging you to deposit money (YES, they do already in Europe). So a beat up based on nonsense accounting on a $2 calculator and the assumption of future gratification delivered on a promise by crooks.

You have got to be kidding me. This rubbish poses as ‘News’. It’s propaganda to keep the masses from realizing they have been done over.

If I was prepared to live in a cupboard, eat dumpster food and buy nothing, I’d be rich; and sick, mentally ill, unproductive, die early and contribute nothing to the economy.

The stupid idiots who rig the elections assume we are not entitled to a decent quality of life with healthy food and a nice place to live. We are to become medieval serfs and be grateful for the scraps they allow us to forage from the floor.

Every person should be allowed a ‘median’ quality of lifestyle on a median wage. Work harder, get more, be lazy, get less. NO ‘entitlements’, no compromise.

People spending $17.50 on coffee each week – Why not? are we that poor a society that we seek to deprive people of such a trivial ‘luxury’? The money goes into providing employment for those displaced by the outsourcing of manufacturing, IT and call centres. They too spend money on hipster haircuts and MacBook Airs, thus providing more employment.

If we all spend nothing and live in cupboards then there will be no economy for the rich to plunder, no servants to do their bidding and no point staying in country governed by idiots who wish us to return to serfdom asap.