Nearing the Truth

Finally, the USA has admitted it is training ‘rebels’ to fight in Syria.

US media outlets have begun openly acknowledging that a secret CIA program has trained and equipped an estimated 10,000 fighters to oppose the government of President Bashar Assad. According to AP, these rebels – backed by the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar – include “some ultraconservative groups and al-Qaida affiliates.”

Just why are they doing this on the pretext of ‘Fighting terrorism / IS’? Because the USA is the terrorist and there was never any intention to fight terrorism but to create terrorism and effect regime change for their own purposes.

Interesting that the dreaded enemy of 2010 (al-Qaida) is now an ally.

Funny how a year’s ‘effort’, zillions of dollars and the ‘might’ of the USA defence forces can’t produce any notable results for either the supposed or real aim in Syria. Russia, achieves more in a week than USA in a year.

Kind of undermines the threat of the USA’s defence forces. One could be tempted to say they are incompetent, or is it that munitions are so damn profitable?

“As we ramp up our military muscle in the Mideast, there’s a sense that demand for military equipment and weaponry will likely rise,” said Jack Ablin, chief investment officer at Chicago-based BMO Private Bank, who oversees $66 billion including Northrop Grumman and Boeing shares. “To the extent we can shift away from relying on troops and rely more heavily on equipment — that could present an opportunity.”

When spending 1.5 trillion dollars a year – someone’s getting very rich, or is it richer?.

If the war can be prolonged, that’s even more profit. If we compare the relative effectiveness of the USA and Russia, Russia would likely dispose of all opposition in Syria within 6 months maximum. USA, 5 years plus. Russia isn’t motivated by the profit on war, it just wants the job done. USA wants to extract profit from Syria by charging the USA citizens for more munitions and then charging the Syrians for repairing the damage caused by those munitions. A classic double dip to restore the economy now that Detroit is closed for business.

Commentators are saying that President Bashar Assad needs to go. Of course, the allegations are contrived and would never stand up in the International Court of Justice. His tally is 10 tortured foreigners, 13,000 Syrian citizens killed and so on. Apparently France wants to bring him up on ‘War crimes’ charges (Why not take aim at Bush, Blair, Nixon?). Compared to the 1 million Iraqis, the 1 million dead Vietnamese and so on, killed by the USA, Bashar’s tally pales by comparison.*

So severe are Assad’s war crimes, they are the worst the world has seen since Nazi Germany, Stephen Rapp, the United States ambassador-at-large for war crimes issues, has said.

REALLY? Do I smell an historical eraser hard at work?

Saudi Arabia has worse human rights violations but of course, the Bin Laden’s are personal friends of the Bush family, so that’s ok and perfectly tolerable. China is worse too, but they buy US Treasury debts and supply Walmart – so that’s ok too.

USA is in Syria to effect regime change and install a puppet who will grovel to POTUS. There’s profit aplenty to be had and land to be stolen for future military bases and control of the oil rich lands surrounding Syria.

Bashar will retire, like so many, to the sunny shores of Miami if he steps aside, on a healthy stipend, like so many other ex-useful heads of state, Miami is the refuge of choice. (Yes, it’s a FACT, I can’t spoon feed you everything).

If he refuses, he dies and the replacement will get the pension in Miami after a period of useful service.

The truth is nothing like the nonsense on Fox (Those people who think Cuba has joined the fight against IS) and CNN (Those people who announced the results of the Russian bombing before the planes took off). The truth is generally the opposite of the propaganda you see.

The wildcard is Russia, for once we have intelligent opposition to the USA’s propaganda and the controlled and embedded media.

Putin has proposed to exclude the Bible and the Koran from extremism law. How sensible at first sight but what about Buddhism?

Have a read of this article ‘I prepared earlier’ on Christians and Muslims.

Sorry Putin – Good idea, badly thought out. Guess you are busy though.

*  For the sensitive politically correct types : “This does not mean that I support any of these atrocities. It means you are so sensitised to react like Pavlov’s dog that I cannot expect you to be able to read more than a sentence without jumping to ridiculous conclusions”