“My mate’s mate down a dark alley”

Interesting to read how refugees pay many thousands of dollars to people traffickers to move countries.

Where do these ‘poor’ people get the money?

When you think about it, it’s not the poor people (Who desperately need it) that get saved as a refugee. The ones who get saved are the ones who are ‘rich’.

The minimum wage in Syria is $212 per month, a house in Hammah costs $26,000 (103% of a year’s wage)

These people are paying $USD5-8000 per person, so it’s the rich, not the poor and middle classes who are hopping on the refugee trains.

At 3000 refugees per day for weeks (some say 1,000,000 so far) that is 5 TRILLION DOLLARS going somewhere.

I wonder why nobody is tracing the payments or the banking?

I wonder whether oil is the only thing the USA is looting? 5 trillion is a huge incentive AND well beyond “My mate’s mate down a dark alley”

As an aside, the USA were exporting Heroin from Afghanistan via tankers with special clearance at the checkpoints during the war there – Great cash income for paying dirty deeds or just corrupt people.

Heroin / People – Both are ‘cash’ crops. This one has side effects paid for by non-US countries, the freight pays cash in advance whether delivery is effected or not – Better than drugs!