The ‘Other side’

Will the CAR and Muslim ‘refugees’ (Criminals both) ever return to their homeland when the war is over?


Because they have found Nirvana – a land with free money from the white workers, free houses and no work requirement.

Because their homelands are corrupt, barren and lacking in basic infrastructure.

Because, being without skills, they have no future except as cheap labour.

Because they can’t possibly work when they have 5 wives, 30 kids and prayers to attend.

Because their wives are merely baby factories who are not allowed into a civilised society – they are just chattels to be bought, sold, mutilated and killed on a whim.

Muslim men could not run Mercedes Benz, Bosch or Aldi.

What future in a foreign country with civilised laws, equality and a caring society?

What future when they realise they will have to work and the ‘White workers’ leave?

What future with caveman laws?

Their only future is back in their homelands – Like the Amazonian tribes – they are not suited to the civilised world and need the simple life.

We should be sending them home to where their heart is, where their future lies and where they can live their primitive lifestyle with like minded people.

The other options simply do not work. They refuse to integrate  or adapt, they refuse to contribute and are leeching the energy and finances of their hosts. The natives are getting restless and “Kill a Muslim” will start shortly. After all – just look how angry football supporters get over a game – far less losing their job, home and lifestyle to The ‘Other side’.