Mummy – I’m a Commie now!

“According to Associated Press, Russia and China are challenging “American preeminence” and Washington’s so-called “stewardship of the world order” as they reassert themselves on the international arena as serious military powers.”

Being ‘Non-American’ I don’t recall being consulted on the sellout to American preeminence nor any ‘World Order’.

A 10 second recap :

  • It was the U.S.A. – Who changed it to ‘America’? I’m sire Brazil aren’t impressed at being lumped in with their distant northern continental mass.
  • ‘World Order’ – Huh? we have voracious, unscrupulous and blatantly honest corporations and politicians laying waste to humanity and the planet and this is a ‘World Order’?
  • ‘American preeminence – Says who? By Population, economy size, gdp, growth – ‘America’ trails the World. Their only claim to fame is 19 Trillion of debts nobody can claim on.

“Moscow’s nuclear saber-rattling,”

“It is not quite clear exactly what “brandishing” Carter was referring to, but there was, indeed, a recent Russian reaction to new US plans to deploy advanced nuclear bombs at the Büchel Air Base in Germany. The deployment is the latest move planned as part of a joint NATO nuclear sharing program, which involves non-nuclear NATO states hosting more than 200 US nuclear warheads.”

You what? Russia is not stupid. They are just reminding the World to behave. They too have toys like the new ‘America’ deployed in Iraq (USA dumped their depleted uranium there in the form of bullet cases and bomb housings during the Saddam Hussein overthrow). Toys the Americans expect to deploy anywhere they please – especially in foreign countries (Helps keep America clean when they deteriorate – NIMBY syndrome). The Kremlin said that new US nukes deployed in Europe would destroy the strategic balance in the region and force Russia to take similar measures. Makes perfect sense. Who stands by and let’s the bully take over?

Anyone who helps keep the current balance gets my vote – America wants free reign to ride roughshod over the World, stealing assets and earning revenues from collapsed countries.

Forget ‘America’ – Mummy – I’m a Commie now!