Unless a new Hitler came to power

“It was the fault of domestic conditions. He railed against the Belgian government – against white Belgians, who hated those of Arab descent, he said. And he would repeat “there is no democracy here” – a feeling that you can’t express any view dissenting from the mainstream without being labelled extreme.”

Who, but a Muslim, would complain?

  • I remember after WWII, my uncle employing Polish and German workers.
  • The Irish who went to New York seeking work.
  • The Polish factory and construction workers in the UK as we speak.
  • The Indians and Filipinos in Dubai.

None complained, none blew up anything nor raped the locals. All realised they were in another country and had to obey their rules. Of course they hanker after their homeland – who doesn’t?

They realised that their lives had changed forever and it was up to them to make the most of it. Their future was entirely up to themselves.

Last time I looked, there was no Irish flag flying at the White House, no compulsory German lessons in schools and the Saudi diet has not been changed for the Filipino adobo.

Go to a Muslim country and you have to cover up. Democracy, justice and equal treatment for all? Thriving economies? You MUST be kidding.

Remember the Italians, Greeks, Indians and Chinese in your neighbourhood? They opened shops using their limited language skills and set about building a business, a life and a future in a new country. Of course they missed their Homelands, but they behaved or kept the arguments internal.

Their kids worked hard and bettered themselves, generation by generation.

So, just why do the Muslims think the World owes them and needs to change to suit their wishes? They demand a house for each wife, free money and no work. Stupid people give it to them sadly. Britain has introduced an income test for Australians – If you are not earning 35,000 after 5 years – visa cancelled. Why not the same for all immigrants?

They refuse to integrate, refuse to work and demand we change our way of life, our laws to suit them (Until they get caught raping someone or stealing and then suddenly demand local law, not Sharia law should apply!)

The challenge we face is that Europe no longer has boundary walls, no checkpoints between countries. Unless a new Hitler came to power, we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.