Media influence

“Media influence appears to have played an important role, with voters more likely to “follow the position” of the newspaper they read than the political party they identified with.

For example, 70 percent of Sun and Express readers voted Leave, while just 9 percent of Guardian readers chose Brexit.”

So the main stream media owners dictate their agenda, and we compliantly follow.

I watched some event on TV some years ago, perhaps the invasion of Iraq, and ran a mental comparison of US and UK news. Both had major differences in what ‘facts’ were presented, which got me looking for an alternative. The pro American bias of the BBC was alarming but understandable as Blair was licking Bush’s parts.

Al Jazeera – “That should be a very interesting and biased slant” I thought.

Well, was I wrong. They presented facts – with evidence, and pictures, interviews and certainly took a very neutral stance, presenting it ‘as it was’ and  letting the viewer makeup their own mind. ‘Here are the interviews, pictures and evidence – you figure it out’.

Like RT, a more independent view that the usual gaggle of papers  towing the party line and spinning the truth for a hidden agenda.

The recent US Presidential elections was a circus of irrelevancy. Neither side had facts or policies, the closest we got was Sanders who was back stabbed at the earliest opportunity after garnering support from some of the disenfranchised. This prevented a complete whitewash of the Clinton campaign.

The puppets serve only as distractions whilst the real agenda remains out of sight.

It has become increasingly important that we check our news, research the true facts and do our own thinking.

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