How to make banking profitable

When you think about it, duplication makes things expensive. Electricity companies ‘compete’ to sell you the same product made by the same power station, so it can’t be as cheap as a direct purchase from the power station because there are 3 offices, ceo’s, receptionists etc.

So, you have the ATM’s already that service all banks.

Now add one bank ‘shop’, with all the security etc. exactly as a ‘branch’ operates now. This ‘shop’ acts on behalf or all banks, handling the usual teller based enquiries. Credit cards are also well covered here as there are only two.

Services like mortgages and life insurance are outsourced to franchises.

This just leaves loans and business banking needs. We are talking ‘retail’ banking here of course. These customised needs can be met by a few bank employees in cars.

There you go – saved millions for the bank and it’s customers, or did I just make the banks a fortune and they forgot to share the savings as usual?