Lop-sided do gooders

The lop-sided do gooders – yet another classic example :

A French mayor notorious for his anti-immigrant views has released signs warning that migrants are being relocated to his southern town of Beziers because the state is “imposing them on us.” The posters have outraged rights groups and social media users.

The signs, commissioned by Beziers Mayor Robert Menard, state: “That’s it, they’re coming.” Underneath the headline is a picture of a crowd of male migrants outside the town’s cathedral.

The posters were criticized by Emmaus, a French group that works with migrants and homeless people, which described them as “sickening.”

NOTE : Emmaus has NOT criticized the migrants attacking trucks (sickening) :

NOTE : Emmaus has NOT criticized the migrants attacking people (sickening) :

Defending yourself, your country, your job or your way of life is now a crime. Having an opinion in a land of ‘Free speech’ is only ok if you are an immigrant. This is allowed though :

Gee thanks a lot ‘our Government’.