Long overdue to use the big NO word.

The Prime Ministers of New Zealand and Australia cannot name the head of ISIS – you know, the deadly terrorist organisation the World is fighting?

The ‘War Against Terror’ (WAT?!?!) that will last for a generation (to ensure good profits for the arms and armaments industry. Whenever there is a downturn in the economy – the armaments industry has boom times).

Unbelievable but oh so typical of the sheep following the USA over the cliff like lemmings purportedly do (They actually do NOT follow each other over cliffs – that was staged by a camera crew herding them over – http://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2004/04/27/1081903.htm).

More sacrifices at the altar to appease the USA – the young and poor sent to kill strangers on behalf of the oil barons and armaments industry.

That the heads of two ‘Allies’ do not know the enemy yet happily send soldiers to be slaughtered by them reeks of the disdain the average politician has for the people who pay their wages.

A few chintzy ribbons and base metal coins are no recompense for the death of loved ones used for political thank you’s to a dying empire seeking cheap and outsourced protection for the 1%.

Long overdue to use the big NO word.