So it’s all lies, damned lies and proven by scurrilous statisticians.

Isn’t it funny – the price of oil halves almost overnight and slowly the price at the pump falls by 25%. Of course it rises instantly the Sheik increases his price. Why doesn’t diesel drop? “Because India is buying more diesel cars”. Un be fecking lieveable the crap they dish out which the ever eager numbskulls at Fairfax lap up and vomit out as a reasoned and investigative article in the papers.

Mind you – sums up the average IQ when people continue to buy the trash masquerading as ‘news’ papers. More like toilet paper.

There’s an election here and the local idiot is standing again. Having been told NO to asset sales he then tried to pitch a 99 year lease as a good idea – guess who is paying for his retirement?

The man of the people has an ego that defies logic – He ‘requires’ a chauffeur (despite ensuring that all photo opportunities show him in lycra on a pushbike – Yes, Alice, it IS disgusting to see) and no less than FOUR bodyguards to escort him from the carpark to his shop / office in the suburbs.

Talk about the elite and their egos getting out of hand – Perhaps they realise they are disliked and the common man is about to rise up and call Barry the Builder to construct a guillotine (Wonder what Health and Safety would think about that?).

Unlikely – they are all buying plastic crap from the stores to celebrate Australia Day.

Talking of disdain and greed – a frequent topic these days it seems. Where I live, Woolworths already overcharge 100-300% compared to Aldi, so prepare for self sufficiency whilst you can, rises of 20% this year in many stores, despite the ‘Low inflation’ economy we are told we live in. Whilst inflation may be low, corporate greed dictates massive price rises, gouging and to hell with any social responsibility.

So it’s all lies, damned lies and proven by scurrilous statisticians.

As a footnote, the Indonesian Prime Minister walks to and from work with NO bodyguards and Indonesian is not exactly as laid back and gun free as Australia is it? The Nordic countries and Nederlands all have royalty and heads of parliaments who commute by foot or bike and have no fear of their fellow citizens. Funny old World isn’t it?