Knew they were lazy but….

“Based on current Planning Levels and the allocation of the majority of the Other Family places to the Carer visa category, it is currently estimated that Remaining Relative and Aged Dependent Relative visa applications that were lodged in 2014 and meet the criteria to be queued are likely to take approximately 56 years to be released for final processing (calculated from 14 August 2014).

850 refugees arrived on the shores of Australia claiming asylum 4 years ago. Australia dumped them in it’s Guantanamo (Manus Island) and went back to reading about the football and Kardashins.

This unconscionable delay is, of course, illegal and against the Geneva Convention. The law it seems, only applies to you and I.

If there were a neighbourhood watch group in this part of the world, Australia would be the neighbour the group had to watch. It is rich and large, rude and loud, and doesn’t seem to care that its behaviour brings the region down.

The Australian government has managed to infuriate most nearby countries in some way or other. Some have to deal with the consequences of their peculiar, unjustified obsessions with refugees and dole bludgers.

One, the youngest, smallest and poorest nation in Asia, has to cop rampant Australian greed for it’s mineral wealth.

Australia has behaved scandalously towards East Timor. It behaves selfishly towards New Zealand. Highhandedly towards it’s former colony, Papua New Guinea. It acts towards tiny Nauru as if it is a shameful illegitimate child, to be paid off to do their dirty work, running a refugee gulag hidden from view.

The rendition of innocent asylum seekers, guilty of nothing more than choosing the wrong country to ask for help, has erupted during the phoney election campaign only because the PNG opposition leader had the fortitude to sue for their freedom.

Yet they can deport Kiwis pretty smart, even when their slate is legally cleaned, sentence served. Despite the kid arriving in Australia 40 years ago and becoming a trained criminal in Australia it does not matter to the Government.

Australian Government employees – They get ‘Performance’ bonuses for this.

Somebody please stop them breeding.